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Fear Not! I'm still alive!

2016-12-17 09:08:04 by linkerman

I've been having a bit of difficulties adapting myself to my new meds over the last two weeks. That's pretty much it. Just meds screwing with my sleep and I've been having trouble with that for work... least, my bosses are understanding.

HOURAY!!! For me! Another Life Update!!

2016-11-26 08:59:24 by linkerman

Thanks to probably the biggest Jinx fan ever, I got started into streaming and content creation. She's the best though, I love how she got me thinking and made my brain juices go rampant over something I haven't had much interest for in a very long time now... and that isn't somehting that happens to me very oftenly, if at all: to have someone talk to me about something they are passionate about and I go along for the ride and end up creating a genuine piece of content I am proud of. Thank you very much; I am now hate/loving you for what you did to me; you know who you are.

"The Great Hunt of the Teemo" will be redrawn at some point later. I said I am happy and proud of it but I do want to produce a higher quality version once I've gained more confidence and experience with my painting program. Not MS PAINT, just so you jump to conclusions, it's a free program a very good friend of mine recommended to me to try my hand with art creation on a computer... I will be uploading the whole thing as a comparison at some point to compare the difference and progress I made. BUUT! Don't hold you're breath on that because I may not do so for another two years, and that is if I even get around to it at all. I may or may not, luck of the draw really. I will upload the original here some time soon'ish* (in a few days at most, busy as fuck with work until the holidays so, if I forget about it, sorry!)

On a different note! I will be getting a mechanical keyboard because I got extra money to spend on something this month AND this little place called Massdrop had a drop on a keyboard I've been eyeing for a good 6 months now. So, rather than pay over 120$ CAD (yes I live in Canada) for the same keyboard on Amazon with fairly quick shipping, I'm getting a somewhat reasonable discount for a product I would be getting anyway... I'm still paying about 100$ CAD, including a rather hefty shipping fee, but I haven't been disappointed with those folks yet and I will continue to use their service in the future for what I am interested in, if just to do some window shopping.


Thank you for your read, leaving a comment is not obligatory but will be read and appreciated.

small life update... Like I need to make one....

2014-05-23 14:22:06 by linkerman

I haven't been feeling tip top shape as of late. Weather isn't all that great either... rain, heat, humidity... the usual crap of life. Just glad that winter if FINALLY out of my mind for the next 5 months or so.


Aside that, personnal projects aren't moving as fast as I would like them to but I'm not not doing anything at the least. School isn't over yet so that'll be another month of really hard work there (have around 4 months of catching up to do) but at the same time, quite the amount of fun to have with folks I've become to enjoy their presence around me. More than others anyways.


Started playing League of Legends again recently... I had stopped because of issues I had with how the game was being played rather than why it was played... "Buy wards, you FEEDERS! Because I said so!" and that kind of thing, hope you get the reference but I sort of doubt it.


Gonna try to have a relaxed week-end, that is if that guy below me doesn't want to watch the hockey game until 4 in the morning...


Next post will be a personnal review of the new "Godzilla" movie. (which won't happen nowadays)

Back to reality.

2014-03-13 15:57:09 by linkerman

I'm really not the type of guy who'll blog about his life, interests, etc. BUT! I do have an opinion on several debates and social policies I don't agree with... And I'm a bit abbrassive from time to time, so get used to me being straight and up-front about things sometimes.


If you find me to be insulting and down right offending, then you're right! Not gonna lie, I idolize a comedian who was pro counter-culture. He made several observations about how the english language is always trying to bury and kill off the pain and emotional values that words carry over the years of his career and I agree with everyone of them.

I'll post more details on him at a later date. Dunno when but I'll try to make it worth the wait.

nobody's home

2010-06-30 16:30:24 by linkerman

this is my first time posting in what feels like over 7 years since i've joined NG...

i've had a lot of shit being brewed around me and i dont really feel like talking about that right now... but it doesn't hurt to try and ask me... i might open up like i might not... more or less depends on how i feel the day i read your demand... its a 50/50% rate of success and failure... take your pick... XD

i'm mainly known to be the Random King, so feel free to test my randomness and judge if i worth the title i've given myself XD